-Massive Corruption in Iron ore Mining - Govt suspended 3 mining operation - JSW spared.

-Massive Corruption in Iron ore Mining - Govt suspended 3 mining operation - JSW spared.

-Massive Corruption in Iron ore Mining -
Govt suspended 3 mining operation - JSW spared.
By Bijay Mishra
Bhubaneswar, 20-12-2020

After continuous exposure on massive corruption in iron ore mining , the Odisha Govt has suspended the mining operation of Murgabeda Iron Ore Mines of Sri D R Pattanaik over 15.378 hects , Jaribahal Mine of Kashvi International over 107.440 hects and Deojhar Mines of Tarini Minerals over 34.365 hects under Champua Sub Division of Keonjhar District for violation of MCDR 1988 and the provision of Rule 10 (5) of OMPTS Rules 2007 .
However , there is widespread resentment in mines corridor as Govt has not intiated same action to the new entrant to the mines business in State of Odisha, JSW and showed unprecedented favour to the Company .When many lessees who were not maintaining proper stacks for sampling were show-caused and their operations closed, JSW mines even after continued violations are operational. Iron ore mines of Kashavvi , D.R.Patnaik and Tarani Minerals have been closed and sent show cause for not maintaining stacking and/or suppressing the grades but JSW mines even after repeated violations still continues to operate. 

The Govt. has send notice to collect crores of additional stamp duty as differential stamp duty and differential registration fee due to enhancement of production as per approved mining plan in respect of Nuagaon mine of JSW but there appears to be reluctance in sending the demand . Hectic lobbies are going on to reduce the stamp duty rates. 

As per the new Act and provision ,the new lessees are required to maintain such level of production so as to ensure minimum dispatch of 80% of the average of the annual production of two immediately preceding years on pro-rata basis, failing which appropriate actions in accordance with respective MDPAs shall be initiated . The mines, which were won by JSW at exorbitant premium which implies huge cash flows if monthly pro-rata production levels are maintained. Thus regardless of all other industries bearing the brunt of the production was not maintained on pro-rata basis and the government had a potential loss of more than 2500 crs which need to be recovered immediately from JSW and other companies who won mines through auctions. 

Recently a mines Squad during its site visit to JSW mine has found manipulation in stacking and sampling. Even the stacks were made beyond earmarked areas as per approved Mining Plan. In-fact, JSW mines were even after warning, again found making manipulation in stacking and sampling. However JSW While small corporate Kashvi International , D.R. Pattnaik and Tarani Minerals and Sarda Mines have been asked to immediately stop operations on the similar charge, JSW allowed to operate . Submitting a petition to Govt , MASS, an organization of concerned citizens alleged that ,this unequal treatment is unjust and unfair before law and demanded to take immediate action to ensure parity of penal or any other action for all mining lease holders.