Demand to cancel the CTO of PTCL Infrastructure Ltd

Demand to cancel the CTO of PTCL Infrastructure Ltd

Special Correspondent 
Bhubaneswar, 09-6-21

      PTCL Infrastructure Ltd , an environmentally critical plant have been granted consent to operate  by OSPCB within shortest time from the application where numerous environmental aspects yet to be complied. Mr C R Sahu , Advocate and Secretary of “ Citizens Action Forum “in a petition to Chief Secretary & Chairman , OSPCB and Member Secretary , OSPCB urged for immediate cancellation of CTO (Consent Order No.2961) granted to PTCL Infrastructure Ltd where there no supply of power and other basic facilities to operate the plant.

     Mr Sahu also urged for immediate cancellation of trading license P1- NLD14671/2021 granted to PTCL Infrastructure Ltd when the operation of above plant is yet to start and the said trader is engaged in illegal activities to storing high grade of +65%Fe grade and blending with low grade.

    PTCL Infrastructure Limited has applied for grant of consent to operate for 1.5mtpa iron ore beneficiation plant at Matkambeda Industrial Area, Barbil, Keonjhar vide its online application ID No.3559592 . The said application was granted CTO vide 6476/IND-I-CON- 6475 dated 22.04.2021 . There  are critical parameters for operation of a beneficiation plant such as provision of tailing disposal, water circulation and consistent supply of power. These facilities are not ready for operation of the aforesaid plant. It raises serious concerns how such an environmentally critical plant have been granted consent to operate within shortest time from the application where numerous environmental aspects yet to be complied.

     The Plant is not in operation. It requires repair and overhauling and will take atleast six months to be made operational. The plant does not have an electrical connection yet.

     It prima facie indicates some of the officials of the State Pollution Control board have not done proper due diligence while granting consent to operate to this plant which is yet not ready for use.

      PTCL Infrastructure Limited after furnishing the said CTO dated 22.04.2021, has obtained the trading license under P1 category vide licence No. NLD14671/2021 dated 24.04.2021, within 2days from the grant of CTO. This is the shortest possible time where a trading licence is granted in the State.

      It is a gross violation of rule 5 of the OMPTS Rules which prescribes the competent authority or any officer authorized by him /her shall verify bonafides of the application after conducting enquiry and furnish the report within 15days with specific views on grant of licence. Further, rule 6 of the OMPTS Rules prescribes that after enquiry, the competent authority shall issue terms and conditions governing grant of licence, the acceptance of which is required to be submitted within 7days. Based on that, the competent authority will grant the trading licence within one month from the date of receipt of the application. “The above activity at JDM office, Joda granting the trading license within 2days prima facie indicates collusion of some of the officials of JDM office , Joda with PTCL Infrastructure Limited”- alleged Mr Sahu.

      It is clear from the recent site visit of the official of JDM, Joda circle dated 28.05.2021, the beneficiation plant is not ready for operation and huge stock of ore is lying within the plant premises.It is matter of concern when JSW applied for removal of high grade ore of +65%Fe to M/s PTCL Infrastructure Limited which is a beneficiation plant. In logical thinking, no grade above 65% Fe is beneficiated worldwide. It has been clear indication of malpractices being done at said premises of PTCL.

       PTCL is a trader and a benami company of M/s JSW Steel Limited, now engaged at Jajang iron ore mine for export of ore to JSW International .The said PTCL has also acquired trading licence for export of minerals from Odisha. The connection can be easily understood by the lifting of iron ore of 1.38 lakh tonne of ore by PTCL from Jajang iron ore mine and exporting iron ore and filing shipping bill for JSW International. The lifting status of PTCL for Jajaang iron ore mine is attached at Annexure-III.

        The State Government of Karnataka has suspended the controversial sale of over 3,500 acres of land to JSW Steel Ltd in Bellary. The government had decided to make the sale on 26 April and not go through with it on 27 May’21 after strong concerns raised by civic society and members of State Assembly. In similar lines, the company has grabbed 62% (1131 million iron ore) of total iron ore auctioned in Odisha vide NIT dated 06.12.2019. They have already started disturbing the generic fabric of the State. This kind of malafide intent needs to be checked promptly for development of the state based plants, safeguarding livelihood of lakhs of people engaged in these industries.

        In view of this Mr Sahu urged the Govt to cancel the trading licence P1- NLD14671/2021 and other trading licenses under T1 and T2 category granted to PTCL infrastructure Limited.An investigation may be initiated about the formation of the company and its transactions with JSW Limited and JSW International.

         Mr Sahu also demanded strong  disciplinary action against the concerned corrupt officials involving in this matter .